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We, at RESTORATIONS-UNLIMITED, provide a complete auto body restoration service, from hand-crafted panelwork, on steel or aluminium,
to repairs and modification, coachwork, to full body restoration. Vintage and Classic race cars a speciality. We have no problem carrying
out part restorations, to enable the cost to be spread out, but each part of our longer-term restorations will only be carried out properly and
precisely, or not at all.

You will receive photographic evidence (on disc if preferred) of the work carried out before, during and after on your vehicle at no charge
to yourself.

Our Qualified craftsman understands the art of working vintage steel or aluminium back to its original shape. We repair or replace damaged
body work. We never simply cover it with plastic filler. Such shortcuts might look fine for a few months or even a year, but time will tell.
Where filler is required we use old fashioned lead (body solder) on all high-stress and wear areas. We are one of the few shops using an English wheeling machine to shape steel or aluminium panels. Your investment in a valuable classic deserves the best; and we want our customers to be satisfied for many years.

199 Ingestre St, Wanganui
Tel/Fax 06 345 5515
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